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As a retailer, how can the e-zwich card be of use to me?

The benefits of the e-zwich card include:

  • increased turnover from a growing smartcard client base;
  • reduced cash holdings, banking charges, communications costs, reconciliation problems and minimization of risks associated with fraud,
  • new income streams by providing a comprehensive range of financial services and products in stores (i.e. cash withdrawals, money transfers, bill payments, etc.).
How does it work?

An e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) device issued by a licensed bank, non-bank financial institution e.g. savings and loans company, credit unions, money transfer institution, or rural bank will have in it a retail merchant card registered to you and linked to your traditional bank account. At the end of day, you will settle all transactions on the POS electronically through e-zwich to your bank account linked to your card.

You can then draw on the funds from your bank. How do I transfer money to the bank?

The POS device has an e-zwich settlement function on it that would allow you to transfer money to your bank. What other services can I offer on the POS? You can also offer money transfers, online and offline funds load, third party bill payment, card enquiries and cash advance collections.

Can I charge for these services?

Various fees are charged for services offered to e-zwich client card holders. These are split amongst participants to such transactions including the transaction facilitator or the retail merchant. If the retail merchant also owns the POS device, the proportion of the fee revenue increases. These fee revenues are collected and paid electronically during settlement to the retail merchant´s traditional bank account.

How do I receive my sales revenue if I do not have a bank account?

You can have your sale transactions settled to another e-zwich client card or any nominated bank account of your choice if you do not have a traditional account.

What charges or fees do I incur as a merchant?

The main merchant fees are paid for primarily sending the money to the bank electronically, i.e. connectivity charges.

Can a merchant have more than one bank´s POS device at its premises?

Yes. The merchant can choose which financial institution´s POS to use and how many for each bank, savings and loans company or rural bank.

Can e-zwich services be provided in a remote area with poor network connectivity?

Yes, the offline capability of the e-zwich smartcard allows it to work in remote areas with limited connectivity. What happens if my POS device is lost, damaged or stolen before I settled the last batch of transactions? Your sales transactions can be reconstructed using the Multiple Audit Trail maintained by the e-zwich or by using your merchant slips from the transactions.

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