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e-zwich also offers a variety of very cost effective and speedy money transfer options to users. Money transfers can be made from or to other e-zwich cards or to and from traditional bank accounts. Depending on the type of transfer, the recipient could receive the remittance by the next day or immediately the transfer is completed by the sender. Below are the types of money transfers available on the e-zwich platform.

Card to Card Transfer
This refers to money transferred from one e-zwich cardholders card to another. Card to card money transfers can be completed either online or offline. When completed online, the money is immediately available to the recipient. Where communication network is unavailable, card to card transfers can still be partially completed offline. The transfer is completed when the e-zwich device settles its transactions to the switch.

Cash to Card Transfer (Transfer Without Card)
This money transfer option involves direct cash transfer to an e-zwich cardholder. The sender has to provide the recipients e-zwich card number and the amount to a bank teller who then completes the transfer. This type of transfer can only be done online and completes with the generation of the secure 10-digit code. The recipient is therefore able to receive the remittance immediately.

Card to Bank & Bank to Card (Online Real - Time)
This option enables cardholders to transfer funds to and from their personal traditional bank accounts linked to their e-zwich cards to the card at any e-zwich device online and in real-time. The bank account and the card are both updated immediately with the transferred amount. To be able to do such transfers however, the issuer bank (the bank that issued the e-zwich card) is required to have completed a technical integration of their banking system with the switch.

Click here for the list of banks currently offering this service.

Third Party Linked /One - Off Account Transfer (To Bank Account)
Even without your bank offering the real-time transfer between bank account and the e-zwich card, funds can always be transferred from an e-zwich card to any bank account in Ghana at any time. This is an offline transfer and requires the e-zwich device (ATM or POS) to settle for the funds to reach the bank account. In order to simplify this type of transfer, the system allows cardholders to link a maximum of 8 traditional bank account numbers to their card. Transfers to these account numbers can be done from the list of linked account numbers on the e-zwich device. Corporate institutions and service providers can use this option to collect regular payments from their customers remotely across the country without any further investment. Where an account has not been linked, it is still possible to enter the details manually on the e-zwich device and transfer to such traditional bank accounts from an e-zwich card.

Payment for Goods and Services
e-zwich retail service involves using the card for the payment of goods and services at various retail and corporate merchant outlets using the e-zwich POS device. Funds are transferred from the cardholder´s card upon verification to the merchant´s card at the base of the POS device. The two cards communicate within the device and the transaction is completed without the need for the POS to connect to an external device. The offline nature of this transaction like the other offline transactions ensures speed and reliability.

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