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The gh-link Hybrid POS is a point of sale terminal which accepts both Local ATM cards and e-zwich cards for payment. It allows retail merchants to receive payments from both e-zwich and Proprietary ATM card holders. The  e-zwich cardholder authenticates his/her transaction by presenting his or her fingerprint whiles the proprietary ATM cardholder inputs a PIN.

The POS also allows financial institutions and merchants to install their own applications on the same terminal.

How does it work?

  1. Depending on which card is inserted or swiped, the respective application(e-zwich / EMV) is invoked/activated on the POS to process a purchase/sale transaction.
  2. The EMV (local Cards) purchase transaction is online and real time whilst the e-zwich purchase transaction is offline, real time.
  3. At the end of each business day, the merchant must perform end-of-day/settlement for each application separately. End of day settlement for both applications is online real time.
  4. This operation sends information on all transactions performed during the business day to the system host for the purpose of crediting merchant accounts at the bank the following day.

Benefits of gh-link Hybrid POS


1. Convenience & Reduction in risk of Loss
2. Safety & security
3. Ease of payments


1. Expand the number of customers you can serve (both Cash & Card).
2. Better Record Keeping
3. Effective in cash reconciliation & payment monitoring
4. Avoid making frequent trips to the bank for cash deposits.
5. Reduce the risk of theft through dishonest persons.
6. Reduce the occurrence of loss in the event of a robbery or fire outbreak.
7. Cashiers will spend less time counting cash; time that can be used to perform other duties

Financial Institutions

1. The gh-link POS is a one-stop-shop, it allows other services such as Top Up, bill payment, agency banking to be offered on it at the same time and these can bring your banks extra income. Branchless banking applications can be ported unto the POS and it would greatly inure to the benefit of banks.
2. The POS would also be an opportunity for banks to save time and money by reducing the number of trips they make to their merchants.
3. Retain money and increase float as there is a likely reduction in the amount of money that leaves the bank on a daily basis.

List of Banks

The following institution ATM cards are accepted on the Hybrid

Bank of Ghana    
Standard Chartered Bank   
Barclays  Bank  
Ghana Commercial Bank   
National Investment Bank   
United bank for Africa   
Agricultural Development Bank   
Societe Generale Ghana Ltd
Universal Merchant Bank
HFC Bank
Zenith Bank
Cal Bank
UT Bank
First Atlantic Bank
Prudential Bank
Stanbic Bank
FBN Bank
Bank of Africa
Guaranty Trust Bank
Fidelity Bank
Bank of Baroda
Access Bank
Energy Bank
The Royal Bank
Capital Bank
GN Bank
First National Bank
Sovereign Bank
Omni Bank
Premium Bank
Heritage Bank
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