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gh-link Card

gh-link EMV Card, is Ghana’s domestic card payment scheme launched by the Ghana Interbank Payment & Settlement System (GhIPSS) Limited in 2012. The Card scheme rides on the gh-link platform; a  system which interconnects all banks and financial institutions in Ghana and enables accredited financial institutions to issue EMV white label cards that are accepted nationwide across ATM and POS network.

The gh-link Card has been developed to provide Ghanaians with a secured “home grown” card, that reduces the cost of securing and using an ATM card. Compared to other cards on the market, the cost of using a gh-link card is lower. The Card again, protects the transaction data of customers; as card transactions are processed in Ghana.

Key features of the gh-link card

  1. gh-link cards are issued by all Commercial banks, ARB Apex Banks and licensed Savings & Loans companies
  2. gh-link cards are accepted  by all ATMs and POS terminals.
  3. gh-link Cards can be used for online purchase
  4. All processing of transactions is done within Ghana. This ensures faster transactions as compared to International cards on the market
  5. In the instances of a chargeback, customers are assured of their funds within a shorter duration, compared to International Card Schemes.
  6. Transaction fees on the gh-link card is lower compared to International cards on the market  

gh-link EMV Card Transaction Types
The gh-link card supports the following transaction types

  1. Purchase: gh-link EMV card can be used by cardholders for any purchase transactions across Merchant locations and on online platforms.
  2. ATM Cash withdrawals: gh-link cardholders will enjoy the facilities of withdrawing cash from any ATM across the country.
  3. ATM PIN Change: PIN change facility will be offered to cardholders across all ATMs.
  4. ATM Balance Enquiry: gh-link cardholders can check account balance at any ATM location in Ghana

Benefits of the gh-link Card to Financial Institutions

  1. Lower cost: Research has shown that transaction costs from domestic schemes average only 45% of the cost of using International Cards for in-country payments. There are documented examples of domestic schemes running at 25% of the level of the international players. This is because all domestic card transactions are carried out and processed in-country, this makes a material difference to overall bank costs. It also reduces the cost on customers who patronize these cards.
  2. Fee structure: Unlike the International Card schemes, banks do not have to pay quarterly fees to GhIPSS. Again, compared to the International schemes the one-off joining fee for the gh-link platform is much lower.
  3. Settlement: All processing and Settlement of gh-link transactions, happen in Ghana. This results in lower cost of settlement for banks.
  4. Security of data: Sensitive data like customer spending pattern are not shared across the borders of the country
  5. Collaboration for tailor-made local innovation: There is the opportunity for GhIPSS to partner Financial Institutions to design services that meet the needs of customers at a lower cost.

Benefits of gh-link Cards to customers

  1. Lower cost and affordability: Customers pay less for securing and using gh-link cards as compared to using an International card.  
  2. Protection of information related to Ghanaian consumers: Using a gh-link card will mean that customer transaction data will reside in Ghana. This will ensure the sanctity of data related to customers.
  3. Safe Transactions: gh-link cards are EMV compliant and transactions on the card are protected and secured.
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