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inclusive instant payGhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP) featured prominently in the first-of-its-kind report on Inclusive Instant Payments across Africa by AfricaNenda. The report provides details on the Instant Payment Systems (IPS) landscape in Africa and highlights ways in which they can become more inclusive to leave no African behind in the digital era. The report also highlights how the African continent can create opportunities and advance financial inclusion, through Instant Payments.

According to the Report, GhIPSS Instant Pay is one of the few systems across the African continent “moving towards achieving maturity” in terms of the level of Inclusivity of its GIP solution and service delivery. By nearing maturity, the report positions GIP as almost reaching the full range of payment use cases for its Instant Pay solution among others.

During a panel discussion, the CEO of GhIPSS, Mr Archie Hesse, explained that GhIPSS’ feat is a result of the interconnection of all the existing interoperable payment platforms within the country: the e-zwich biometric platform, the gh-link platform and the mobile money interoperability platform. This interconnection of systems he indicated, has been christened the financial inclusion triangle and has allowed the country to enable cross-platform transactions.

According to Mr Hesse, GhIPSS started with the e-zwich interoperable platform, it develop the gh-link national switch on which the Instant account to account rails was developed. Following that, the Mobile money interoperability platform was developed to enable cross-network transactions for mobile money companies in Ghana.

“What we then did was to close the triangle by making all the three platforms interoperable to ensure that no matter who is making payment and from wherever they will be able to do so seamlessly and instantly,” he said.
Archie Hesse said GhIPSS has since improved the services by adding other services like Proxy Pay, Internet payment Gateway, Request to Pay and the Universal QR Code dubbed GhQR, which can be linked to both bank accounts and digital wallets, with affordability as the key driving force.

He said GhIPSS, in collaboration with the banks, have also come up with a bank-wide wallet called GhanaPay to ensure that the banks also play a role in the mobile money space with the view to bridging the financial inclusion gap.
He was speaking at the launch of the report on the back of the GSMA Mobile World Congress held in Kigali Rwanda.

Details of the report can be found on the GhIPSS website under downloads


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